The joint project of the Ginza Project group
and "Mercedes-Benz Russia"
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The joint project of the Ginza Project and Mercedes-Benz RUS - Mercedes Bar, located on the 31st floor of the Radisson Collection Hotel Moscow, changed significantly in the fall of 2019. The updated modern space with a predominance of brown and green shades, harmoniously combined with gray, has now become very mobile and convenient for companies, and opposite the panoramic windows there are tall soft niches, which make it even more pleasant to admire Moscow.

Transformations occurred not only in the interior, but also in the cocktail bar card. The bar team led by chef bartender Artem Averin traditionally approached its creation very creatively. New cocktails are now presented in five sections, each of which is devoted to one of the integral parts of any vehicle: Engine, Car Body , Chassis , Transmission and Brake System .

In the "Engine" section - signature cocktails demonstrate the style and skill of the bar team.

For the "Transmission" is responsible a whole collection of gin and tonics: classic, experimental, environmental.

"Car Body" - an important part of any modern car. In this section, 12 copyright cocktails by Artem Averin, created taking into account the latest trends in bar art.

Chassis - a platform on the basis of which the entire car is built. And "Chassis" in the bar is an ageless classic and world famous cocktails.

The cocktails in the "Brake System" section are non-alcoholic mixes that allow you to smoothly move in the right direction and stop on time.

All drinks are offered international dishes in the author's performance of chef Artem Sergeyev and stunning views of Moscow, which open from the huge panoramic windows of the bar.

Mercedes Bar, like the car brand of the same name, has become even more modern, atmospheric, more comfortable and attractive. It's time to evaluate the restyled bar!
Averin Artem
Artem was born and raised in the city of Volzhsky, Volgograd region. He moved to Moscow in 2010 to his future wife. Before becoming a bartender I tried many professions, but the bartender's work attracted and interested most of all. Artyom began working in the casino "New York" as an assistant to the bartender. Then he changed several different bars, the last of which was the Iskra bar located at the Flacon factory design. The guests of the bar were mostly creative people, which allowed Artem to get a completely new experience and knowledge. In parallel, Averin studied at the university. In 2014, he received a diploma in "Management of an organization". At the very beginning of his journey, he participated in the Russian competition "Cocktail Club Junior Cup". He also participated in the contest, which is one of the four iconic bartenders in the world - Beefeater. Artem won the Russian tournament and represented the country at the international finals in London and entered the TOP 8. Today he works as a chef-bartender in Mercedes Bar.
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